PC Professionell: Innovation of the years 2003/2004 (CeBIT 2004):
Public ShareFolder® reveived the award "Finalist" in the category "Software" at the "Innovation of the years 2003/2004 Awards" by the PC Professionell Magazine. This decoration is awarded at the CeBIT annually. more...

PC Professionell: Recommendation for Public ShareFolder® 1.2:
In the issue 12/2003 was published a report about alternatives to a Exchange® Server. As recommandation Public Sharefolder® 1.2 is said. more...

C´t Magazine and Public ShareFolder®:
The computer magazine C´t have published the program Public ShareFolder® at the issue CD (14/03). As one of 181 handpicked programs Public ShareFolder® is mentioned as sole and worthy alternative solution to a Exchange® Server.

Editors Choice for Public ShareFolder®:
With 8.5 points of 10.0 possible Public ShareFolder® was evaluated by ZDNet UK. Excerpt: "Public ShareFolder® offers an excellent solution".
The complete article about Public ShareFolder®. more...

PC Professionale: Report about Public ShareFolder®:
Italy greets: Chi ben comincia è a metà dell'opera.
Double sided article about Public ShareFolder® in one of the most prominent IT magazines of Italy.
Article (Italian)