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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook


4. Support / FAQ No. 02

No.02: Can I install Public ShareFolder Server also on a Windows® Terminalserver?


Definitly: Yes. If you use a Terminalserver and you will use both (Server and Clients) on this computer: Please install the Public ShareFolders server as Windows service. Please read for this the FAQ 01:

Here you find an installation guidance for Public ShareFolder as Windowsservice. Please implement the Setup of the Client and server on the Terminalserver in a local meeting (not remote with PC Anywhere or VNC). After installation you can administrate Public ShareFolder remote but you have to install it in a local meeting.

Up to Windows 2003 Server to have to create an own "PSF User" on Terminalserver. This user must get an own installed Outlook. Please open this Outlook to create a PST file and an Outlook Profile. Install Public ShareFolder Server for this PSF user and let the service run "as PSF user" (FAQ No.1). Now, the PSF user can not open Outlook anymore, if the PSF service is running.

You can share the PST file of this user with Public ShareFolder on Terminalserver, only the PSF user is not allowed to open his Outlook. If you like to share also incomming Emails, the Outlook of the administrator can move incomming emails with an Outlook rule.

The reason is, that Microsoft developed a reglementation for the access of the Outlook interface (MAPI). Only 1 program is allowed to connect the MAPI interface and this program is Outlook.

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