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SDMD Systemhaus Digitale Medien Designer GmbH
c/o Oliver Vukovics
Pulverteich 20-22
20099 Hamburg

Product contact:
Info: info@publicshareware.com
Support: support@publicshareware.com
Sales: sales@publicshareware.com
Internet: www.publicshareware.com
Company contact:
E-Mail: info@sdmd-gmbh.com


Authorized to represent executive: Oliver Vukovics

Registration office: Amtsgericht Hamburg (Mitte)
Trading register number: HRB 79406

Sales tax identification number: DE 214 713 211

Textual officer: Oliver Vukovics


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Notice regarding content of linked Web sites

SDMD GmbH provides hyperlink access to individual web sites operated by a number of conservative organizations. In providing access to these sites, SDMD GmbH is merely serving as a distributor of information and is in no way acting as a publisher of the material contained on the individual web sites.

SDMD GmbH does not seek to control the content of the sites linked to its home page, nor any of the bulletin boards contained thereon. The views expressed on the linked web sites and bulletin boards are not those of SDMD GmbH and users are advised that SDMD GmbH does not actively maintain editorial control over them or determine the appropriateness regarding the content of the linked sites and bulletin.

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