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Freeware Addons for Outlook®

Public Mail 2 Contact for Outlook

Conversion of e-mails to contacts of Outlook

How often did you communicate with each contact?

Are my Outlook contacts up to date?

Does there exist an Outlook contact for every person with which you had e-mail contact?

Do you have a complete list of Outlook contacts for a newsletter?

Public Mail 2 Contact is an addon for Microsoft® Outlook. It generates Outlook contacts from existing e-mails and verifies whether the e-mail-address does already exist as contact of Outlook.

Public Mail 2 Contact ...

Public Fix Profile for Outlook

Clear Editor:
The announcement of the Registry entries which can be deleted were placed in a clear editor.

Backup function for the appropriate range of the Registry. If you should delete wrong entries of the Outlook profile, you can recreate the Registry at any time.

Public Fix Profile is a Microsoft Outlook Freeware Addon to support the deletion of duplicate Personal Folders in Outlook. On some other websites you find this duplicate Personal Folders also under names like "Ghost PST files" or "phantom PST files".

Public Fix Profile ...

Public Contact After Reply for Outlook

How can I add addresses in Outlook automatically to contacts after reply to an email?

Where can I find this function of Outlook-Express in Outlook?

How often did you communicate with a contact?

Are my Outlook contacts up to date?

Do I have each e-mail address, that communicate with me, in my Outlook Address Book or in my Outlook contact folder?

How can I save all my e-mail addresses automatically after I reply to an e-mail?
Are all contacts completely stored in Outlook e.g. for a Newsletter?

Public Contact after Reply for Outlook (Public CAR for Outlook) is an addon for Microsoft Outlook, which create automatically an Outlook contact after reply to an email.

Public Contact After Reply ...

Public Calendar Choice for Outlook

Fast accesses to a preset selection of calendars.

Easy configuration.

Extension for Outlook 2003 and also Outlook 2007.

Uses the function of Outlook 2003 to display several calendars side by side.

Particularly efficiently with the access to calendars of coworkers e.g. with Public ShareFolder or Microsoft Exchange©.

Public Calendar Choice is a Freeware Addon for Microsoft Outlook, which saves a choice of calendars and restores it later at any time.

Public Calendar Choice ...

Contakt/Support: For all further questions about our shareware software or about additional developments based on Microsoft Outlook, do not hesitate to contact us:

SDMD GmbH,c/o Oliver Vukovics, Pulverteich 20-22, 20099 Hamburg, Germany: info@publicshareware.com

Advise: Freeware software are unsupported solutions.

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