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Share your Microsoft® Outlook® PST file (Outlook 97 - Outlook 2016): Public ShareFolder

Individual rights for each User.

Select different users: Protect your data. Give only specific users the right to delete your items.

Delete folders: Save your structure. Allow only on the server to delete your Public Folders.

Write folders: Allow only on the server to create new Public Folders. To much folders tend to be confusing.

As a basis there is a shared Microsoft Outlook data file (PST) used in a network.

A local Microsoft Outlook Profile is enabled for the network which allows shared access to an Microsoft Outlook PST file.

Contacts, appointments, tasks or mail receipt, central business-wide access to all Microsoft Outlook folders is possible with write and read access.

Each employee can see who has which appointment or who is occupied with which task. In this central Microsoft Outlook you have all the functions of a "personal folder". Create, read or change items, search for items, handle items using the rules wizard. All the standard functions remain in the "Public Folder". All employees can use the same contacts.

Networking with different versions of Microsoft Outlook can be achieved without any problems. The existing Microsoft Outlook network has not to be changed. Public ShareFolder is not a synchronization program and therefore does not put a strain on the network but rather it is its own "Store Provider" like Microsoft® Exchange Server.

No limitations regarding the number of Microsoft Outlook users.

Benefits for your business

  • Public ShareFolder integrates itself seamlessly for all Microsoft Outlook users.
  • Public ShareFolder allows use of rights, everyone sees only what he should.
  • Public ShareFolder brings all data up-to-date business-wide.
  • Public ShareFolder facilitates central contact management.
  • Public ShareFolder facilitates central appointment management.
  • Public ShareFolder facilitates central mail receipt.
  • Public ShareFolder can be scaled as desired.
  • Public ShareFolder is easy to administer.
  • Public ShareFolder achieves fast return of investment.
  • Public ShareFolder runs on Microsoft® Windows® 98-SE and higher (client) and Microsoft® Windows NT® SP6 and higher (server).
  • Public ShareFolder offers optimal investment protection.

Benefits for your users

  • Public ShareFolder gives local access to global data.
  • Public ShareFolder also allows access when on the move via DTC-access.
  • Public ShareFolder allows assignment of rights, everyone sees only what he should.
  • Public ShareFolder Networking without learning effort.


The licenses are based on the number of connected clients to the shared PST files. For every connected user/workstation, you will need a license.

Detailed pricelist in Euro and USD: Pricelist

Support and Contact:

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact us:

SDMD GmbH: support@publicshareware.com

Our products support all current release versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, except Outlook 2010-2016 x64. But even Microsoft recommends Outlook 2016 x86 (32-bit) instead of the 64-bit version as there are many incompatibilities to other programs.

Microsoft and the Office logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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