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Public Reminder Add-In for Outlook®

Extended reminder function for Microsoft® Outlook®, Public ShareFolder und Microsoft® Exchange Server.

Microsoft® write: "Reminders Do Not Start for Items in Public Folders"

Public Reminder Addin for Outlook, Public ShareFolder and Microsoft Exchange will solve exactly this problem and replaces Microsoft Outlook's reminder dialog with a more powerful screen.

Public Reminder Add-In provides reminders from any email, calendar, tasks or contacts folder in Microsoft Outlook, Public ShareFolder or Microsoft Exchange Server.

This allows you to set reminders on items in any folder in your mailbox or PST file, secondary PST files, archive PST files or Public Folders of Public ShareFolder or Microsoft Exchange Server.

Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device or can send SMS messages to any cellphone, mobile device, PDA, Blackberry or cell phone which can receive emails..

Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
Public ShareFolder
Microsoft Exchange Server

Provides reminders from any email, calendar, tasks or contacts folder

Developed for:
Microsoft Outlook 97 - 2010 32-Bit
Microsoft Outlook 2010 32 Bit
Public ShareFolder
Microsoft Exchange Server

Easy installation

Easy to handle

Free updates, free support

License never expires

You can decide if you want only reminders from your calendars, tasks or a follow up of an email in your folders or also from folders other coworkers.
In a project calendar it could be helpfull to get all reminders anyhow which user create an item. It could be helpfull if a secretary get also the reminders from the public or personal calendar folder of the boss or to get a "follow up" reminder from an email that is stored in a shared inbox.

Public Reminder Add-In gives you a screen with an overview of your reminders. This screen serves as your control manager for all existing reminders. You can get in addation message reminders via email. Also your personal Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Task reminders will be shown in the summery of active, future or all reminder view. If you manage multiple Calendar or a groupcalendar in Microsoft Outlook, Public ShareFolder or Microsoft Exchange Server you know the limitation of reminders in Outlook. Reminders do not fire for appointments, tasks, e-mails or other flagged items in Public Folders.

When you compose a new appointment or meeting request in a calendar that is located in a public folder, if you check the option for a reminder, a reminder is generated. From the Public Reminder Addin screen you can dismiss or remind later every existing reminder in any selected folder.

With a doubleclick you can open the items with reminders and you can configure the Public Reminder Add-In among other options.

Easy administration and integration in the "Options" of Microsoft Outlook
"Zoom-function" for extensive folder structures. In a seperate and larger window you will get a better survey of the enabled and disabled Microsoft Outlook folders.
Supports reminder via email or SMS (special service in Outlook is needed) to mobile devices, PDAs, Blackberrys, cellphones etc.
Seamless integration in Microsoft Office Outlook as "Add-In."

Individual sounds for your reminders.

Extensive, detailed manual, which hopefully give you every answer to all your questions about installation and administration.

Colored, marked interface, which folder is enabled for reminders and which are disabled.

The reminder will now notify you of the meeting or appointment.
The license never expired, free updates and free support

A program of SDMD GmbH,
Made in Germany

Who needs Public Reminder Add-In?

  • All Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Public ShareFolder users, who has to manage project-, team- or other shared public calendars.

  • All Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Public ShareFolder users, who has to manage public contact folders to get reminders for the next call, email message or any other way to get in contact with a customers on a selected day. (e.g. Birthday)

  • All Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Public ShareFolder users, who has to manage public task folders e.g. project task folders.

  • All Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Public ShareFolder users, who has to manage multiple PST files like archive.pst files, as special with Public ShareFolder to manage multiple shared PST files.

  • All professional Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Public ShareFolder users, who do not have enough time for simple works like watching folders to know when is the next appointment.

Who is how long engaged with what? Public Reminder Add-In reminds you at it.

Do not miss any appointment anymore and make sure that also your coworkers will be reminded, because with Public Reminder Add- you also can give your coworkers a reminder.

Public Reminder Add-In = A propfitable investment.

Price list / Licenses

Public Reminder Add-In is Shareware:
This means "Try bevore buy", so you can test Public Reminder Addin for Outlook, Exchange Server and Public ShareFolder before you buy this beautifull peace of software.

Limitation of the demoversion: In the demoversion you will get every 5 minutes the reminder windows and you can not change this "5 minutes" limitation. Also the functions "Remind again in x minutes", "Clean reminder" and "Clean all reminders" are deactivated.

Test license:
If you want to test Public Reminder Addin without this limitation, please send an email to: "info@publicshareware.com"
with "Test license for Public Reminder Addin" as subject and we will send you a license number without limitations which is valid for a few weeks.

Public Reminder Addin for Exchange Users
(no Public ShareFolder Users)

Price USD
without tax
Price EUR
without tax
1 Client License 46,- USD 34,95 EUR
2 Client Licenses 92,50 USD 69,90 EUR
3 Client Licenses 139,- USD 104,85 EUR
4 Client Licenses 185,- USD 139,80 EUR
5 Client Licenses 231,- USD 174,75 EUR
10 Client Licenses 238,- USD 179,95 EUR
25 Client Licenses 357,- USD 269,95 EUR
50 Client Licenses 725,- USD 549,95 EUR
100 Client Licenses 1.060,- USD 799,95 EUR
250 Client Licenses 1.455,- USD 1.099,95 EUR
Unlimited Client Licenses 2.975,- USD 2.250,00 EUR

A seperate price-list for Public ShareFolder users: Price list

1 USD prices are based on EUR prices using the current exchange rate of 1 EUR = 1,32 USD.

The current daily exchange rate will be charged in our shop.

Date: 06/07/2013

Contact / Support:

Systemhaus Digitale Medien Designer
c/o Oliver Vukovics
Pulverteich 20-22
20099 Hamburg
: info@publicshareware.com

Public Reminder Addin is supported till 2010 32 bit.

Microsoft and the Office Logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation USA and/or other countries.