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   Public Reminder Addin for Microsoft Outlook - Download

Public Reminder Addin (PRA) version 1.2 incl. manual Download: Zip-File, 1.5 MB
Only manual for Public Reminder Addin Download: Zip-File, 0,2 MB

Restrictions of this demo version:

In the demo version you will get every 5 minutes the reminder screen and you can not change this "5 minutes" limitation. Also the functions "Remind again in x minutes", "Clean reminder" and "Clean all reminders" are deactivated.

If you insert a valid license number into the Public Reminder Addin, the demo version becomes a full version. There is no need for new installation of the software.

If you want to test Public Reminder Addin without the limitation, please send us an e-mail with the subject: "Test license for Public Reminder Addin"

Email: info@publicshareware.com

We will send you a valid license number without limitation, which is valid for your test period.

Last Update: 29.03.2011

  • Support for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (32 Bit) as Outlook COM-Add-In

Version 1.2 - Release 23.10.2008

  • The entry "Remind X minutes before" is respected in all environments correctly.
  • Improved display of reminders from Microsoft Exchange.

Version 1.2 - Release 09.07.2008

  • Corrupt PST files are ignored now.

Version 1.2 - Release 29.02.2008

  • Improved compatibility with Exchange© Server.
  • An additional Tray-Icon shows, that there are active reminders.