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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 12

Question: Which Ports use Public ShareFolder? (DCOM settings for the firewall)


Public ShareFolder use the Ports of the Microsoft®DCOM-protocolls.

For the negotiation of the connection the Port 135 (epmap) is used. Then Ports from the range 1024 to 65535 are dynamically used.

A connection via a Dial-In connection to the Public ShareFolder server is usually no problem, because the Client is merged "locally" in the net and mostly ther is no Firewall between a Dial-In connection.

A direct connection over NAT routing is not possible however a connection over VPN is the recommended proceeding. Also a VPN connection over NAT routing is possible

Information about DCOM-Connection: (z.B. Restrictions of the DCOM Ports):

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