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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 23

Question:  How does Public ShareFolder works? Is it a synchronisation program or an add in?


Public ShareFolder is an own program and no add-on or synchronisation program. As a "Store Provider" it works like Exchange® or Lotus Notes independently of Outlook®, although it needs Outlook® as Client.

With Public ShareFolder you can share directly (live) a central Outlook® PST file by other (not limited) Outlook® Clients. Therefore Public ShareFolder is much more efficient than a synchronisation program or add-on ever could be. Public ShareFolder uses for this a Windows® own protocoll (DCOM) and this is very stable.

Contrary to other Outlook® Groupware programs, Public ShareFolder does not synchronize the Outlook® data. A synchronisation (via email like NetFolders), is for us not a real Groupware/network solution. For us it makes not realy sense, to save/synchronise all documents every times on each client, like synchronisation programs.

Do you store all documents on all clients every time?

We prefer as Groupware solution a central access to contacts, addresses, tasks, dates calendar etc. with Public ShareFolder.

If you want to share all “Personal Calendars”, please create for every member a new calendar in the “Public Folder” like:

Public Calendar Oliver
Public Calendar John
Public Calendar MaryPublic Calendar Meeting Room

Than every user have an access to all calendars of all members.

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