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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 24

Question:  Does Public ShareFolder support sharing of Outlook® Express datas, IMAP accounts or any other 3rd party email data files?


No, Outlook® Express is a completely different program. The name Outlook® is the only part which is the same, but Public ShareFolder runs only under Outlook® starting from Outlook® 97, because Outlook® Express is based on other Interfaces. Outlook® Express used as interface “Simple Mapi” during Public ShareFolder use the “Extended MAPI “interface of Outlook®. The basic is complete different.

To explain it a little bit less technically:
Outlook® Express is based on DBX files and Outlook® is based on PST files. Both files are accessed over different interfaces. We support the interface for Outlook® PST files, not the interface for DBX files. (Outlook® developers may forgive us this not a completely correct explanation).

Also IMAP accounts are unsupported. IMAP is an (Internet Message Access Protocol). Local Outlook PST files are developed in another MAPI (messaging Application Programming Interface) protocol. MAPI is more an interface then a protocol.

All user email clients like Yahoo, Gmail or Windows Hotmail were unsupportet, only if you store this emails ina local Outlook PST file which is connected in an Outlook profile.

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