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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 30

Question: Does Public ShareFolder run with all Outlook®/Windows® versions? Does it also works in a "mixed" Outlook®/ Windows® network?


An existing Outlook network does not have to be changed.

Independently of the Microsoft® operating system structure (Windows 98SE — Windows 2008 Server) or (Outlook 97 — Outlook 2010) Public ShareFolder can be integrated in each Peer-To-Peer or Client/Server network architecture without any problems. The supported operating systems and Outlook versions are describes in detail in the download included "Readme.txt" file. You find also a separate FAQ for Outlook compatibility issues in FAQ No. 3.

Actual Public ShareFolder is supportet for:

Windows 2000 - Windows 8.0 (32bit and 64-bit versions) (Windows 8.1 is unsupported)
Windows 2000 server - Windows 2012 Server (PSF has to be installed as Windows Service)

Outlook 97 - Outlook 2013 (32bit versions only).


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