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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 32

Question: How many licenses are necessary, if 4 workstations can share the same PST file (all with same rights)? Are only 1 user (1 license) necessarily?


Peer-To-Peer network: You will need a 3 user license, because with 4 users in a Peer-To-Peer network, one Outlook® user (Server user) is directly connected with his own Outlook® PST file and he can still work with this “Server Outlook®”. The 3 other users can share with Public ShareFolder this central PST file, so you will need here a 3 user license.

Client/Server or terminal server network: If a server (Windows NT®, Windows® 2000 - Windows® 2013 server, terminal servers) is available, the central Outlook® on the server should be installed that always runs. Then you need a 4 user license, because only the Server Outlook® PST is directly connected with the “Server PST file”.

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