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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 35

Question: What is the difference between Public ShareFolder and NetFolders?


There is a big different and this different is a benefit for you. The different is very easy to explain. Public ShareFolder does not synchronise via email, it is a central access to a central stored Outlook PST file without any time different to update the changed information and Public ShaeFolder share all informations, not only contacts or calendars. It shares the hole PST file with subfolders, forms, views, documents and it shares not only one PST file it shares a lot of PST files. We tested Public ShareFoder with 20 central shared PST files.

The difference to the release from NetFolders is that with Public ShareFolder will not transmit the information via Mail It does not concern a synchronisation. Our program is around more than 100 times faster and loaded around the same factor the network smaller. NetFolders are no more supported starting from Windows XP. Public ShareFolder supports all Outlook versions. Only in order to give an example. If you want to synchronize a PST file of 250 MB with 10 users, then this will be 2.5GB as network traffic, which must keep you permanently synchronous in your network. We do not like synchronisation if there is another faster and easier way to do it: Use Public ShareFolder.

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