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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 43

Question: When I click on “send” I get the error message: “For the transmission of messages no service is available” (only Outlook® 98 and Outlook® 2000).


Did you make the "Public Folder" to the standard folder?. If yes, please don´t do this because Outlook® need the “Personal Folder” to send mails.

Outlook® don´t accept a “Public Folder” to send mail where all users have access, because this “Public Folder” don´t have not a clear sender. To send mails a clear sender is necessary. Please you make the "Personal Folder" to the standard folder.

If you want to see all “send items” also in the “Public sent items folder” create a rule on all workstations like: “Of all sent items, make a copy into the “Sent Items” folder in the public folder. Then you will also see all sent items from the other users.

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