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FAQs: Public ShareFolder for Microsoft Outlook

Support / FAQ No. 57

Question: How can I automatically backup the “server PST” file on the server?

Please install for this the "Public ShareFolder Server " as a Windows®service

(How to install the Public ShareFolder server as Windows® service? Have a look to FAQ: 01.

To backup the PST File the Public ShareFolder service must be terminated. You can control the start time and the ent time of the Public ShareFolder service over a batch file

The command -> net stop "Public ShareFolder " -> terminate the service.
Arbitrary command to backup the PST file
The command -> net start "Public ShareFolder " -> starts the service.

The two batch files for terminating the server and for starting the service you will find under the following link:

Download Batchfiles

If Outlook® is open on the “server” you have also terminate Outlook®.

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